"Radek came out the day I called to give me an estimate and explained what needed to be done. We agreed on the price and he started the project the next week. He was very professional, thorough and explained in detail everything he did. I am very happy with the end product and highly recommend him. He is very fair, knowledgeable, and does great work." Mary Meenaghan

"The project went very well. Radek is a consummate professional and does a very, very good job. I would highly recommend RF Improvements to anyone looking for carpentry, painting, remodeling, etc. He has great attention to detail and is very skilled. I will be re-modeling my bathrooms in the future and will use him. A+ job!" Mark Smith

"This was more than just a painting job. I had Radek skim coat every inch of the walls due to old wallpaper paste that gummed up the walls. He put a fresh layer everywhere, sanded, primed, sanded again and painted two coats. Radek does an outstanding job and my home looks great thanks to him. Not only does he do a great job, but he is a great person and joy to work with. He also does remodeling and did some other work at the time (interior doors, etc.). I highly recommend RF Improvements for remodeling (he will be doing my two bathrooms), painting carpentry, etc. Great to work with and prices are very reasonable compared with other quotes I got."  Mark Smith

"I called and Radek answered. He promptly came out that same day to estimate a paint job for our kitchen, dining room, and living room. We also asked for estimates to remove wallpaper and paint a full bathroom and to paint our house exterior. He wrote up the estimates during the visit. We did not have the bathroom done at this time, but will if we continue to live here. We plan on having Radek paint the exterior after the weather warms up. While we were waiting for overdue estimates from other painters, Radek called and offered a 15% discount if he could come that week to do the work because another job had finished earlier than expected. The painter (Kazik) and Radek were always professional. They arrived on time and worked quickly and efficiently. Kazik only took a few short breaks besides lunch breaks. The job was done in 2 days and Radek came to check on things both of those days. He was very reasonable with this price and overall we were very impressed with the quality of work that was done." Mindy Kuehl

"Radek explained that the wood trim would take quite some time. It was pine stained dark walnut needing an oil-based primer coat and then three coats of semi-gloss. The ceiling only needed one coat of flat white ceiling paint. The walls took two coats of eggshell finish paint. The painter took great care in taping off floors, steps, walls, etc.  They estimated five 10-hour days. It ultimately took 1-1/2 hours longer than estimated but the quality was superb. I have done a lot of painting myself over the years and had my own favorites in paint brand and quality. Radek convinced me to use his favorite brand, a higher quality of paint than I would have chosen.  He was right--it is really worth the extra few dollars per gallon."  George Van Slyke

"Radek and his crew were punctual, professional, and happy to go beyond the scope of the job to get everything taken care of. Considering the unusual nature of the work, the amount of equipment required to do the work, and the necessary time-consuming and thorough preparations, the price was more than fair.  We own a timber frame home that was built in 2004. At the time of construction, the frame was left exposed to the elements for quite some time before it was enclosed in insulated panels. The result was a frame that was quite dirty and dried out. Other problems with the construction of the house had put the cleaning and oiling of the frame near the bottom of the “to-do” list. The house is in fine shape now, so we looked for someone to do the beams. We hired Radek. The peak of the ceiling (sloped at 12/12, like an A-Frame cabin) is 29 feet above the floor, and the beams spread over 2500 square feet. The job required covering every inch of floor, wall, and furniture with tarps, plastic, etc. Numerous ladders and 24 feet of scaffolding had to be hauled into the house. The beams had to be wiped down, and then oiled one-by-one getting from one end of the beam to the other often required descending the scaffolding or ladder, moving it over, and then climbing back up again. The oil for the beams is runny, unlike today’s thick paints. Though it was a messy job, there were no drips or stains anywhere. The result of Radek’s and his team’s efforts is a timber frame that glows with warmth. His excellent work has made our home as beautiful as we had hoped it would be when we built it.

Early during the second (final) day of work, Radek and his crew heard the muffled sounds of a cat in distress. They looked high and low, but could not find the source of the sound. Over the next three hours, the sound became louder and more frantic. It turns out that one of our cats (who loves to traverse the beams and end her walk with a nap on top of the double oven cabinet) had been startled out of her nap by one of Radek's guys when he went into the loft to oil the beams up there. The cat had panicked and in an attempt to escape had forced her way (head first and upside down) into a small slot (that has, since this incident, been sealed) between the oven cabinet and the cabinet next to it. She struggled for three hours or more succeeding only to wedging herself in more tightly. It was not until she managed to twist her body sideways between the cabinets that her tail became visible below the second cabinet and Radek knew what he had to do. He immediately called all work to a halt, gathered his crew, and set them to work. One person got a scew gun, emptied the shelves, and undid the screws holding the cabinet to the wall. Another held his hand under where the cat was, and the third pulled the cabinet out of its place. The dazed cat fell into the waiting hands, was put gently on the floor, staggered around a little, and then took off to the bedroom like a bolt of lightning. Radek went and found her, and having been on a farm for much of his life was able to check for injuries. There were none, as confirmed by the Vet when I took the cat in to be looked at. The cabinet and trim were reinstalled perfectly. So add compassion, quick thinking, and leadership to Radek’s list of qualifications. He really was as concerned about the cat as he was about doing a fantastic job. You don’t see much of that “whole person” anymore.  If you get a chance to work with Radek, TAKE IT!" Jim Webb

"Everything was absolutely perfect and I have been using them ever since I have found them on your website (Angie’s List). I do not trust anyone else. I have used several other contractors, and this company has been the best. The only thing now is that they are getting busy day by day so it may get harder to get work done for me. I will continue to use them."  Matthew Driscoll

"Their service was exemplary. They were on time. They did the work at the price that they quoted and I was amazed with their work. I had a wonderful experience. I thought that their price was a little high." Louis “Bud” McKeon

"First, everyone was very prompt, polite and professional. They brought their own drop cloths, and plastic to cover floors, and even taped-off adjoining rooms to minimize dust. Jakub worked every minute of the time I paid for – no breaks, just constant work at a very good pace. He really takes pride in making the walls look good! After the Big Deal, I decided to have them come back to repair even more areas. This worked out. Since the drywall mud really should dry overnight before being sanded. This way they spent part of a 2nd day doing more repairs, and a partial 3rd day. They sanded and primed everything. I am very pleased with there results and they are competitively priced." Eva Nelson

"We were very pleased with the work RF Improvements did for us and would highly recommend them for any repair/remodeling work. Both Radeks were very professional and punctual. Radek was very honest with his pricing and didn’t try to take advantage of us financially like the other handymen in the past have. The end product of both major projects they did for us is outstanding and we will definitely look to hire them for future projects for our home." Brian Adley

"Very professional. Prompt follow up. Did a nice job. After the job was completed and paid for, I realized that I had paid for an extra can of paint that was not used (job was finished in one coat instead of two). Owner was honest about it and quickly issued a refund. Would use again or recommend." Adina Boyer

"We have no complaints. Radek and his team were complete professionals. We would definitely use RF Improvements again!!" Melissa Phillips

"Very punctual, did more than expected, polite, professional." Ken Swain

"My home was built in 1954 and has lath and plaster ceilings and walls in all areas that have not been remodeled. I had two ceiling areas which were cracked and sagging. Radek came out and looked over the job. He explained in detail that the work was within the scope of the coupon, but because the plaster needs to dry thoroughly before finish sanding, it would require a second day to do the work properly and the coupon only covered 4 consecutive hours of work on one day. This seemed reasonable to me and I arranged to have the work done. The workman arrived promptly, was very careful to mask and protect all areas, and performed the initial repair. The next day he arrived promptly again, carefully masked and covered areas to protect them from the fine dust of the finishing sanding, primed the areas and cleaned everything thoroughly. I was very satisfied with the work and feel the price was quite fair. I would definitely use RF Improvements again and would not hesitate to recommend them to others." William Schiller

"Showed up on time to quote the job and also when the actual work was done. Everything was moved and put back in the right places. Clean up was perfect. Could hardly tell the painter had been there. I would definitely use this company again. It was a pleasure dealing with everyone involved, very professional.  Donna Brown
I found them trustworthy and the work they did was great. They came in every day and worked very hard. They were respectful and did a great job." Jeremiah Barrett

"What a great experience! Someone came out within a week or so to look at the job, walked us through what would need to be done and offered to do some other little jobs while the patching dried, even though they were really busy with servicing all the people who bought the same BIG DEAL (Angie’s List). They were very accommodating to my husband and my work schedule and were willing to drive quite a distance to start our job in the afternoon. The man who came to do the job was friendly, punctual, and did an amazing job. The patch is seamless and he also patched a couple of other spots around the house. I would absolutely go with this company again." Dawn Draper

"Very professional; Quality work; On-budget and on-time completion; Very satisfied." Jack Kruper

"RF Improvements did a spectacular job sanding and staining a set of new installed wooden stairs, and painting the wall on either side of the staircase. Their attention to detail was obvious and the quality of the work outstanding. I would definitely use this contractor again." Susan Macaulay

"RF Improvements saved me time, money and having to take an overseas vacation by updating our circa 1970 built and decorated home. After 16 years of updating several bedrooms, it became apparent that professional help would be required to totally update the remainder which included the kitchen and bathrooms.  For ten years blueprints were given out to contractors, but none shared the same vision and foresight to transform our  home into an esthetically appealing and functional home as RF Improvements was able to do while working within limited boundaries.

We contacted Radek Fuska, RF Improvements, from a flyer left on our doorstep and after a review of his portfolio we contracted him to completely renovate our powder room which subsequently evolved  into a complete floor to ceiling renovation of 11 rooms. There is no way to express our contentment with the final results and all of the accolades we receive from friends and visitors - each room has its own “wow” factor.

RF Improvements was reliable to the point where an alarm clock did not need to be set during the entire project; since Radek and his crew were at our home at 7:30 am six days a week and several times on Sundays in order to work around our schedule. Besides the exceptional craftsmanship and decorating that RF Improvements has to offer, Radek has a host of superb craftsmen at his disposal for specific tasks. Overall: Highly recommended." Kurt & Carol Deger

"With regards to the work done in our home by RF Improvement Inc, we were very pleased with our choice. Radek, the owner, was very good at communicating with us on timing and material needs and the craftsmen were reliable and did quality work. Suggestions and recommendations were also given and worked out very well.  All in all it was a very good experience and we have recommended them to others." Bob & Kim Saull